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Following is a short genealogical synopsis of those participants in the Finch Group Y 1 of the Finch Surname DNA Project.

For reasons of personal privacy we have not identified by name any of the participants. You will be able to contact that person or their sponsor and it will be their prerogative to let you know their identity. Most will be happy you contacted them.

To view a more lengthy pedigree of each participant just click on the hyperlinked Kit Number and you will be transported to that participant’s lineage page. Some of the participant pages have not been hyperlinked as their lineage information is forthcoming.

The lineage information is intended to help participants as well as non- participating Finch relatives who may have happened by the website.

If you find a possible relationship to a participant, please use the email link to contact the person (he or she) in charge of that account. Hopefully the two of you can help one another.

Anyone finding errors, ommisions or broken links on any page please inform the webmaster so they can be corrected.


The DYS, or, Marker Results may be viewed on the FTDNA website at: and


Both charts have the same marker information but present it in different manners.




(Kit 10297) Farthest back proven ancestor is George William Finch born in the 1820’s in South Carolina, possibly Spartanburg. Married Nancy Smith who died 1890 Decatur, DeKalb County, Georgia. He likely died prior to 1850.

Contact: Mic Barnette


(Kit 174865) information Pending



(Kit 82824) Descendant of Thomas Finch Born about 1730 Virginia.

This participant has a website with more information about his family line at

Contact: A G Finch


(Kit 67512)Information Pening

Contact L Finch


(Kit 122599) Descendant of Francis Finch of Colonial Virginia.

Contact: S G Finch


(Kit 174865) Information Pending




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