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1)      Learn About DNA:

See the page About DNA Testing

Also, view the DNA links page


2)      Learning About Genealogy and Researching

Visit the Your Family Tree Newsletter site

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The newsletter discusses DNA as well as

all facets of genealogical research


3)      Be sure to visit the Genealogy Links and Supplies

Mic is creating links to important free and

subscription websites helpful to researchers

He is also in the process of building an Online

Genealogical Bookstore including Amazon Books,

Genealogical Publishing Company and others

The online Bookstore will be accessible from this link

in the near future


4)      Project Member Pages

Note: Be sure to visit the Marker Results Page

on the FTDNA website it is the basis of the

groupings used on this website


Both the following pages have the same or

similar information but Display it in different






The project is divided into groups of matching or

similar participants

The groups ideally are of matching individuals but

in some cases the group could be created because

the participants have similar haplogroups


There are groups comprising Finch, Fincher and

one for Finch Cousins who no longer carry the

Finch surname (Non Y Finch Cousins)


How the Groups Were Formed:

There is no significance to the numbering of charts.

They were created chronologically when needed


1) First, everyone in the group has the same Hapogroup


2) Second, FTDNA provides every participant a

Personal Page


3) On each participant’s Personal Page there is a

listing  ranking all matches for the participant

based on Genetic Distance

The Groups on this site were created based

on the Genetic Distance Supplied by FTDNA


What you see on the Groups Pages:


Within each group each individual is listed by

Kit number, not by name


Named first, is the earliest proven ancestor

of the participant including the ancestor’s name,

dates and places


Kit Numbers are Hyperlinked:


If a participant has submitted his lineage the

Kit Number is hyperlinked


Click on the hyperlink and it will take you to

the complete lineage As submitted by the



If A Kit Number is not hyperlinked:

The participant has not submitted his

lineage and is encouraged to do so


For instructions on how to submit lineages

Please contact Mic at


Participant Pages:


Each participant page includes the participant’s

earliest proven ancestor, his dates and places plus a

complete lineage from that ancestor down to but not

including living people


The page includes the participant’s Group Name,

Haplogroup and the person to contact for more

information on that lineage.


Sometimes the contact person is the participant

but often it is another person such as a wife,

sibling, adult child or other relative


Search Engine:


The Search engine searches the whole website

Search for names, places, etc

Good for digging deeper into participant pages

and information not indexed in the Categories




Use the drop down Category page menu

The Categories links are a cross index for the

subjects of  each of the submitted participant



If a participant has not submitted his lineage

they are not included in the participant pages


Click on a Group to see a list of members of that group


Click on the name of an early proven ancestor and

See a listing of  those who have the same ancestor


Click on a location and see a listing of participants

associated with that place


Click on a Haplogroup and see a listing of those

participants with that Haplogroup


For questions, please contact Mic at


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